From left to right: Chuck Dorgan, Microdrones Sales Director for North America; William Poche, NEI Owner and Vice President of Sales; Chad Hicks, NEI Imaging Solutions Team Lead; and Angie Swirski, NEI MGIS Sales Manager.

NEI is proud to offer complete UAV mapping packages from Microdrones that include everything geospatial and construction professionals need for surveying, mapping, and inspection applications.

Serving Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, NEI is part of a growing family of dealers offering Microdrones solutions worldwide. To get in touch with the Microdrones expert nearest you, complete this form:

“Adding Microdrones quadcopters to our repertoire makes us a true turn-key geospatial distributor,” explained William Poche, NEI Owner and Vice President of Sales. “Everything we do is about helping our customers to be successful. Microdrones UAS will help them do that – and grow their business as a result.”

NO GROUND CONTROL POINTS,* LESS SIDELAP, MORE PRODUCTIVITY. Ask about the mdMapper1000DG. It’s equipped with a Trimble APX-15 module featuring a survey-grade GNSS receiver and a precisely calibrated IMU from Applanix, built specifi cally for Direct Georeferencing (DG). It can even tackle corridor mapping!

*Planning mapping missions is always situation dependent. The decision to use or omit GCPs/Check Points is driven by the specifi c situation or project. mdMapper1000DG users will enjoy the option of excluding GCPs on more projects.

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